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Fullerton 5
Leather, Metal, Foam, Rubber, Synthetic Materials

The creation of the Gas Boot marks a culmination of all the shoes that came before it. Using both sneaker- and boot-making techniques, the Gas Boot is an imagination of a future boot that is rugged, durable, and comfortable. Spikes and metal aglets complement the cobbled-together 'GASOLINE' aesthetic inspired by pop culture environmental apocalypse films and comics like Tank Girl and Mad Max; content whose once outlandish pretenses are now seeming all too real. The soles were cut apart and reconstructed multiple times, using pieces from two different shoes and liquid rubber to create an elevated and chunky aesthetic. Technological Piracy makes an appearance here, where the rigid cupsole from a pair of FILAs meets Nike Zoom foam to create a base that has structure but provides impact absorption and comfort. Double layered shelltoes from two pairs of Adidas Superstars sit in place of a steel toe, offering toe protection with more flexibility. 

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